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Curl is a smarter way of taking payments — an alternative to cash and card designed to improve the experience for your staff and your regulars.

What Curl can do for you

Save costs on payment fees
Curl is an additional payment method
that works by bank transfer, so the
cost is only 0.25%.

Improve customer service
Customers check into your shop with
their profile, so you can greet them
by name and offer their regular order.

Ditch those stamp cards
Automatically handle coffee stamps for
regulars who pay with Curl.

Turn your regulars into members
Offer an exclusive coffee membership to
your regulars. Get paid up front.

Hands-free payments
Regulars that want the ultimate in
convenience can turn on hands free,
so the whole purchase happens without
them doing anything!


0.25% per transaction

No setup fee, no monthly fee.

Curl payments are direct bank
transfers, allowing us to lower
the cost of fees to local shops.

Want to hear more and speak to our team?

Bring your
customers closer.

Make sure people are greeted by
name and staff can remember
what everyone likes.

Plug Curl into your
existing POS.

Curl works alongside your point
of sale system like a card machine.
But better and cheaper.

More integrations are available.
Contact our team to see if we
already work with your POS system.
Stop feeding
these fat cats.
Stop feeding these fat cats.
Curl payments skip out the card
networks, so you can stop
paying their fees.