Privacy policy

Curl users  •  November 2018

This document contains information about how we protect your data. "It's boring, but, it's a part of our lives." — Ron Burgundy

1. Who are we?

We are Curl. But for legal purposes, the UK government knows us as Ching Ventures Limited. We'll be changing the company name to Curl Network Limited soon.

2. Fundamentally

We care about your privacy, and we all use Curl ourselves with no special privileges. We are not interested in selling your personal information to third parties, and we do everything we can to keep any personally identifying information which we hold about you completely protected.

3. Public profile

Your public profile is similar to e.g. Twitter or Instagram – it includes:

Other Curl users can find you using this information in order to send money @you or, if they're a retailer, ask @you to pay @them for something (Payment Request).

Everyone on Curl has a @username, but adding an avatar and a (nick)name to your profile is recommended – it's much nicer for everyone that way!

Note: Your public profile only includes the insensitive information above and does not include things like your email address, for example.

4. Between you and your retailers

When you have a loyalty program with a retailer, only you and the retailer can see your loyalty status. For example, if you have collected 5 out of 6 coffee stamps @VagabondCoffee, only you and Vagabond can see this information.

Location (Check-ins)
When you turn on Location permissions, you're automatically checked in to the stores you go into. Only you and the retailer can see this information.

The shopkeeper sees you on their nearby list, which makes it really quick and easy for them to find @you and send you your payment request.

We also use location / check-in information for security and anti-fraud. For example, you could set up a Hands Free rule with a retailer that only works if you're checked in.

Transaction details
When you pay a retailer for something, only you and the retailer can see the contents of the transaction. You see the rich item data on your receipt and they see it in their report.

5. Private to Curl

We store all the information which you submit through our app or website, including e.g.

Contact information

We do not use your contact information for anything other than actually-useful communication and keeping your account secure.

Payment information

Device information

Usage information

All usage information is stored anonymously.

In developing the product, we look at lots of detailed aggregate analytical information (things like global average time taken to pay a payment request) which we use to find areas of the Curl experience which we need to improve.

But this does not relate to you as an individual user. There is no spying and no advertising.

6. Who is your data shared with?

We don't share your data with third parties for advertising or other things which could be considered annoying bullshit.

We do share your data with third parties who we rely on to form part of our service to you (e.g. we use Intercom for chat support so your contact information appears there too), or if we are compelled to by a legal authority.

And to state the obvious, we will share your information with third parties if you explicitly tell us to do so at any time.

7. How long do we keep data?

We keep your data while you're using Curl, then for 6 years after that to comply with the law.

8. What are your rights?

You have the right to:

9. Changes to this policy

Any changes we make to our privacy policy will be visible on this page and, if there are any significant changes which are actually useful for you to know about, we'll notify you by email.

10. Questions or complaints

If you have any questions or complaints, please contact us through the in-app chat or by emailing