Terms and conditions

Curl users  •  November 2018

This document contains the terms which you agree to by using the Curl app. "It's boring, but, it's a part of our lives." — Ron Burgundy

1. Who are we?

We are Curl. But for legal purposes, the UK government knows us as Ching Ventures Limited. We'll be changing the company name to Curl Network Limited soon.

2. And what can I do with you?

You can turn your phone into a secure remote control for your bank account and make payments to people and businesses in a way which actually makes sense in the 21st century – using @usernames and instant bank transfers.

Curl payments automatically include all your loyalty too.

3. What's the catch?

There isn't one! Curl is made possible today by Open Banking which just came into effect in 2018. (You might've received something from your bank recently about terms and conditions bla bla bla).

Open Banking forces the big banks (by law) to let you take control of your bank account and, if you want to, connect it to services like Curl.

Open Banking was launched by the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) after an investigation found that the big banks don't face enough competition and there isn't enough pressure on them to do new things which would serve customers better (like, say, Curl). NB: Banks make money when you spend on your card.

4. How do I start paying with Curl?

Download the app and sign up! While we're in beta, you'll need a golden ticket, which you can get from participating retailers.

When you register, we may ask you to give us certain identifying information about yourself like an email address and other contact details. We do not use this information for anything other than actually-useful communication and keeping your account secure.

5. Making payments

To make payments, you need to connect your bank account to Curl (i.e. to your @username on Curl).

If you have a modern bank that's built properly, you can connect via Open Banking using your banking app. Or, for the crappy banks who are taking ages to build an API and comply with Open Banking, you can add your card details for now instead.

6. Basic requirements

You have to be at least 18 years old and you have to have at least one thumb, finger, or other appendage which can be used with Touch ID. Or, if you use Face ID, you have to have a face.

We do not recommend using Face ID with a potato, for example. This is for security reasons, and because the potato will eventually decay, becoming misshapen and leaving you unable to make payments.

7. Account usage

You are responsible for the usage of your account and it is your responsibility to provide us with accurate information, not use Face ID with a potato, and to update your information in the event of any changes.

8. Closing your account

We may close your account and stop you making Curl payments and peer-to-peer payments immediately if we believe you have:

9. Changes to this agreement

Curl is in continuous development and that means we may need to make changes to these terms and conditions and privacy policy in future.

If we do need to make any changes, we'll give you two months' notice. And if you reject any of those changes, which would be sad, we'll close your account within 30 days of the notice.

10. Privacy policy

By using Curl, you agree to to the terms of our Privacy Policy, which forms part of these Terms and Conditions and our agreement with you. You can get to the privacy policy here.

11. About us

Ching Ventures Ltd. (Soon to be Curl Network Ltd.) is a company incorporated in England and Wales under company registration number 09977921 and whose registered head office is at Fleming Court Leigh Road, Eastleigh, Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom, SO50 9PD. (Although the office where we work is actually in London).

We're happy to help you in any case regarding Curl or our services. You can contact us through the Curl app or by email: support@paywithcurl.com